When streetwear meets Art&Design

NJ.COD is a fashion house born in Paris from the meeting of a creative couple.

Founded in the world of couples with a convergence of fashion and art design, each collection takes you on a multicultural travel that combines passion and the alliance between two persons.

Each piece is defined by the couple carefully combining detail the choice of materials, the cut and the lines made on each of their creations. The couple seeks to contribute an innovative, minimalist look, creating a unique feeling through the design brought.

NJ.COD comes looking for an artistic depth, an emotion without dividing genders but only to have the vision of the human being


What does NJ.COD mean?

NJ is the first letter of the first names of the couple “N” for Yi Nuo and “J” for Joel

COD is a personal thing we all have but written in this form “CODE”

The couple is revealed through its collections … through NJ.COD

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